“We weren’t just asking for their vote…we were asking for their trust. In an economically challenged area, in the midst of a down economy, a Hospital District vote seemed like a hard win. We had to ask the community to trust us with their investment.

PSNW guided us, helping to craft a message that connected the campaign to the everyday concerns of Grays Harbor voters. PSNW made sure that the campaign wasn’t just about numbers on a page: it was about the health and future of our economy and our families. With PSNW’s help, the voters approved our Hospital District in a landslide.

Trust matters. We’re so glad we trusted PSNW to help us deliver the right message.”

David Quigg
Support Our Hospital / Yes on 1

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Strategy: A Winning Plan



Elections are about more than biographies and factsheets. They’re about stories. They’re about taking an issue from the Voters’ Pamphlet, and into voters' everyday lives.


We work with our clients to tie in their values and service into effective campaign messages. We bring an expert understanding of the electorate and key communications strategies. We’ll also help you organize an effective campaign structure to deliver your message.


While each campaign is differently, we provide the following baseline services:

  • Win number and election turnout projection
  • Persuasion universe for mail, doorbelling and phone calling, including landlines and cell phones
  • Demographic and voting history information
  • Endorsements strategy
  • Fundraising planning and organization
  • Campaign staffing structures
  • Campaign organization


Let PSNW help you find the right message and chart your course to a win.